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Handpiece Maintenance Machines Is it time to make the move?


Proper maintenance—including cleaning, lubrication and purging—is critical to getting the most life out of your handpiece investment. Hayes has been repairing handpieces for over 30 years, and we know the number one reason for premature handpiece failure is improper maintenance. However, the reality is that most practices struggle to find the time to maintain handpieces properly. It is a dirty job that gets put off until it can’t wait any longer. Maintenance machines, designed to minimize the time and guesswork involved in the maintenance process, are becoming commonplace in dental practices.


The latest maintenance machines for handpieces do all the internal cleaning and lubricating for you. They allow handpieces to be housed in a covered unit where lubricant is flushed through all moving components of the handpiece to lubricate all rotating parts. This eliminates much of the guesswork in terms of where and how to apply lubricant and how long to run handpieces. If you are incorporating new technology into your practice and have implant or electric handpieces, a maintenance machine can be particularly helpful and effective.


Most units vary in terms of cycle times, adapters and the number and type of handpieces and attachments that can be maintained. Cycle times average between 15 and 45 seconds per handpiece. Hayes can help you determine which unit would be best for your budget and the types of handpieces and attachments used in your practice. Not every handpiece can be used on every machine and not everything should be run through a maintenance machine. Some units do a better job of cleaning the handpiece chuck and some require more prep and cleanup. The types of cleaner and lubricant that can be used with each unit also varies, as does the cost and space required.

Hayes Maine can introduce you to various maintenance machines and discuss the best unit for you based on your budget.

Need More Maintenance Help?Talk to us about scheduling in-office training for CE credit! The Latest Maintenance Machine on the Market!

TTCare 100+ All-Air Maintenance Machine The new TTCare 100+ All-Air Maintenance Machine is the latest automated cleaning, lubrication and purging system on the market. The machine promises easy, streamlined maintenance and processing of handpieces, and features a chuck maintenance station for improved bur retention. The machine uses economical, easy-to-replace spray cans and features active internal oil suction, which removes extra oil and debris to help minimize clean up. The control panel is simple and the unit can accommodate three handpieces at once (with various adapters), in addition to a single chuck station. Available adapters include KaVo MULTIFlex, NSK Swivel, Midwest high-speeds, Star and A-dec/W&H. Midwest low-speed and E-type adapters are also available.

At $999, the TTCare 100+ All-Air Maintenance Machine is one of the most affordable systems on the market and includes a one-year warranty.

Contact Hayes Maine for more information about ordering this newest maintenance machine.

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