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Sharper instruments make every procedure faster and easier, allowing you to maximize your patient load.

Never a Dull Moment!

We sharpen anything with a cutting edge—scalers, curettes, explorers, scissors, needle holders and more. All major manufacturers



  • Scalers/Curettes

  • Carvers/Excavators

  • Margin Trimmers

  • Hatchets/Chisels

  • Hoes/Angle Formers

  • Explorers

  • Expro Explorer/Probe

  • Surgical Curettes

  • Perio Chisels

  • Root Tip Picks

  • Bone Chisels, Files

  • Elevators

  • Gingival Knives


  • Extraction Forceps

  • Rongeurs

  • Ligature Cutters (Distal End Cutters)


Instrument Processing

 Our INSTRUMENT PROCESSING TRAINING will get all your questions answered and keep your instruments safe and effective


  • What needs to be sharpened or replaced?

  • Do I have enough instruments for my patient load?

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